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Strawberry cheese cake dessert

Strawberry Cheese Cake Dessert

Cheese cake dessert for 5 ProPoints? Yes! it is possible! Click here and check how to make a healthy strawberry cheese cake dessert in 10 min! Perfect for those days you need a treat!

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Ready, Steady… Go!!

So here we are!! We have joined a gym and had actually gone twice already!! 😀 So proud of ourselves!
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Back on Track…

And after a month of holidays in the US and France, with amazing new food to try… couldn’t stick to the diet, actually, didn’t even care! I new I was going to put the weight back but… so worth it! 😉
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Seafood Paella

Fancy trying a truly Spanish paella recipe? Perfect for gathering in the garden this summer! For Weight Watchers followers… just 12 ProPoints!

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Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

Amazing and filling chicken noodles. Really easy to make and just 11 Pro Points per portion. Fancy a bit of chinese taste? Perfect for lunch or dinner! 😉

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What is Weight Watchers?

I’ve just realised that I’ve been talking about Weight Watchers and it might actually be people who don’t know anything about it, so I’m going to explain how it works.
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Nespresso is the Gift of the Gods

The most used gadget in my kitchen isn’t the toaster, it isn’t a kettle, it isn’t a blender…it isn’t even for “food” preparation it is my coffee machine, and it is not just any coffee machine it’s a Nespresso CitiZ .

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Gary & Thais in Barcelona

Gary – The Gadget Loving Foodie

It will no longer just be Thais blogging on here, you now get to enjoy the rambling anecdotes of me, Gary the gadget loving foodie. I will leave the Spanish cooking to Thais (apart from my Paella which is amazing) but will come up with my own occasional culinary masterpiece.

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1st week after coming back

A week after coming back… can’t complaint… Lost a pound so far…
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