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Thais birthday cake 4

Cake Decorating Course

I enrolled on a cake decorating course in October 2012 and ever since I have made a few “project” cakes, anything has turned to be an excuse to make a cake! While this isn’t helping with weighing less I am certainly cooking more. Although I give away most of my cakes to friends so that helps, and […]

[:en]Healthy Pear Cheesecake Dessert[:es]Postre de Pera y Queso Bajo en Calorías

Healthy Pear ‘Cheesecake’ Dessert

This fantastic dessert is only 3ProPoints and will definitely kill your craving for sweets! Really easy to make too, what are you waiting for?

[:en]Sausage Stew[:es]Estofado de Salchichas

Pork & Venison Sausage Stew

This is one of those recipes that come out from taking the stuff in the fridge that’s going out of date and need to be used and turned out delicious. At just 9PP per portion, such a bargain!!

Low Calorie Sponge Cake

Delicious and moist sponge cake with very few calories!! For those with a sweet tooth like me! Perfect to go with your tea or as a dessert… Only 2 ProPoints per portion!



Traditional catalan sweets for this time of the year. As a catholic nation, the tradition is to celebrate “All Saints” on the 1st of November and we eat this sweets, roasted sweet potato and roasted chestnuts. Let your imagination fly and make absolute wonders! Enjoy it!

Bread Pudding

American bread pudding! After trying this in Florida I’ve been working on finding the perfect recipe and here it is! Again… not low in points but… Let’s have a treat!


Frozen Truffles

Easy and lovely recipe!! Suitable for cooking with children, not suitable for diets but… we all need a treat from time to time! We can use our weekly’s! 2 ProPoints per truffle!

Strawberry cheese cake dessert

Strawberry Cheese Cake Dessert

Cheese cake dessert for 5 ProPoints? Yes! it is possible! Click here and check how to make a healthy strawberry cheese cake dessert in 10 min! Perfect for those days you need a treat!


Seafood Paella

Fancy trying a truly Spanish paella recipe? Perfect for gathering in the garden this summer! For Weight Watchers followers… just 12 ProPoints!


Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

Amazing and filling chicken noodles. Really easy to make and just 11 Pro Points per portion. Fancy a bit of chinese taste? Perfect for lunch or dinner! 😉

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