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CookMoreWeighLess 1st Anniversary!

A year ago I was publishing my first post in this website and that’s worth a new post!! and I also have some news to communicate…

A Motivational Poem

A very inspirational and motivational poem I found in the Weight Watchers website.

Ready, Steady… Go!!

So here we are!! We have joined a gym and had actually gone twice already!! 😀 So proud of ourselves!

Back on Track…

And after a month of holidays in the US and France, with amazing new food to try… couldn’t stick to the diet, actually, didn’t even care! I new I was going to put the weight back but… so worth it! 😉

What is Weight Watchers?

I’ve just realised that I’ve been talking about Weight Watchers and it might actually be people who don’t know anything about it, so I’m going to explain how it works.

1st week after coming back

A week after coming back… can’t complaint… Lost a pound so far…

Back on Track…

I went on holidays just before Easter and forgot about everything…. diet, blog, exercise, etc… Terrible! I know… Well, now that university finished until October and I am more than ever looking forward to my holidays in Florida on the 28th of July… I’m back in track! 😉

My first 2 months on Weight Watchers

After years of losing and gaining weight I decided to try Weight Watchers. I had heard of it before but thought it was another ‘miracle’ method like the thousands you can find out there, so never went to check or find out. However, when my flatmate Victoria moved in she joined again as she found […]

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