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CookMoreWeighLess 1st Anniversary!

A year ago I was publishing my first post in this website and that’s worth a new post!! and I also have some news to communicate…

A Motivational Poem

A very inspirational and motivational poem I found in the Weight Watchers website.

Ready, Steady… Go!!

So here we are!! We have joined a gym and had actually gone twice already!! 😀 So proud of ourselves!

Back on Track…

And after a month of holidays in the US and France, with amazing new food to try… couldn’t stick to the diet, actually, didn’t even care! I new I was going to put the weight back but… so worth it! 😉

Gary & Thais in Barcelona

Gary – The Gadget Loving Foodie

It will no longer just be Thais blogging on here, you now get to enjoy the rambling anecdotes of me, Gary the gadget loving foodie. I will leave the Spanish cooking to Thais (apart from my Paella which is amazing) but will come up with my own occasional culinary masterpiece.

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