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I enrolled on a cake decorating course in October 2012 and ever since I have made a few “project” cakes, anything has turned to be an excuse to make a cake! While this isn’t helping with weighing less I am certainly cooking more. Although I give away most of my cakes to friends so that helps, and they make excellent presents, everyone is always amazed when I turn up at a party with one of my cakes. I also have had to buy a lot of new equipment for the kitchen (links below).

My First Cakes

A lot of the early lessons are about how to properly cover a cake either in sugarpaste, fondant or marzipan or a mix, also we learnt how to make runouts. Runouts are where you outline a shape in royal icing and then when this has set you fill in the sections with a runnier icing. The produces the nice shapes and decorations in these cakes. Including my first project, the Eeyore and butterfly cake.


I needed a few extra things, here are some of the things I have bought.

UK Links

20 Inch Rolling Pin

Cutting Tool Set

Icing Polisher Tool

Set of Cake Tins

USA Links

20 Inch Rolling Pin

Cutting Tool Set

Icing Polisher Tool

Set of Cake Tins

Although with all the mixing I wish I had one of these:

Halloween Birthday Cake

My brother moved over to the UK in October so his birthday was one of the first chances I got to show off. I also wanted to experiment with chocolate and multiple tiers. The result was tasty and really heavy.

Maria’s Birthday and Office Cakes

My best friend turned 30 last year (don’t tell her I told you :P), so I was planning on flying back to Barcelona to surprise her. It would be perfect to have a cake for her birthday but I only had 2 days in Spain. The solution make the cake here in the UK and sit on the plane with it on my lap (thank you BA). I confused a few people at airport security putting it through the scanner. I also made another cake for wear it pink day at work.

Christmas Biscuits and Cake

Christmas is a busy time for us, we usually spend it here in the UK with Gary’s parents but this year we went to Spain. I wanted to take something but as I was already taking 1 cake (that’s coming) I decided to make a batch of biscuits. I used the same runout technique to decorate them and made an extra cake for our post-Christmas visit to Gary’s parents.

More Birthdays

This year is full of 30th birthdays so a lot of cakes are needed. My friends Carlos and Fany both have birthdays near Christmas so I made this chocolaty delight and took it on the plane with us.

Also my friend Ana had her son Pol on Christmas Eve 2 years ago so before we left I dropped this Disney cake off for his party. He loved it and the figures are actually bath toys so he can use them after.

The Big One – My 30th

I decided to make my own birthday cake and it turned out great, I actually ended up making 2 one for work to share with a colleague and one for home complete with flowers.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Here are a few others I have made.


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