CookMoreWeighLess 1st Anniversary!

A year ago I was publishing my first post in this website and that’s worth a new post!! and I also have some news to communicate…

I have been translating all posts (I still need to translate 4-5 but we are getting there!) and recipes, so it’s almost a bilingual site! Both in English and Spanish (Sorry, I deleted the Catalan option as I have no time to do it now)

Also Gary is helping me to imporove some bits and pieces and I might change the look&feel.

Regarding the diet… I have started again… and I honestly hope this is the last time I write this here… Going through all the past posts I have realised I have written 5 or 6 posts saying I was back in track!! and the times I’ve said so and didn’t write it down! So this time I’m serious, plus I need to fit in a wedding dress!!

So now I’m playing Volleyball twice a week, as I found a group of people that were doing trainings once a week for £7 a session. They are all really nice people and it’s so much fun! I also found another one on Saturdays through meetup for £5 and they are both within a reasonable distance from home, so I’m so happy and enjoying it so much!! I’m also doing yoga 1-2 days per week, as I bought some coupons in Groupon.

Also… Gary is dieting with me! Honestly, it does help! a lot!… 😀

And the last news… We gave up chocolate on pancake day until Good Friday!! I’ve never done this before and never looked forward to my Easter egg so much! I already warned Gary it’d better be an amazing egg!! LOL To be honest, so far so good… and I’ve lost 6.5lb in less than 2 weeks and Gary 5lb, so we’ve had a good start.

Well, that’s all for now, I hope I get more followers this year. I want to commit to updating the website every week.

Thanks for reading!



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