Ready, Steady… Go!!

So here we are!! We have joined a gym and had actually gone twice already!! 😀 So proud of ourselves!

Yes, Gary and I have joined the Virgin Active gym in Ealing. It took us a while to decide to join this gym, as it is quite expensive, to be honest, however, we made a list of pros and cons and decided that, at the end of the day, what it makes you going (or makes it easier) is the location, so decided that, as it was the most conveniently located for us, it’d be worth paying a bit more and make use of it other than paying for some cheaper one and end up not going… Plus the guilt is bigger if you stop going when you are paying quite a lot!!

So here we are. We went yesterday (Saturday) for the fist time, had an induction with Budd, one of the coaches, who is really nice and gave us some advise on which type of exercise to do in order to loose weight. He recommend us to aim to go for 5 days a week, as it’s better than aiming for 3 days and end up going 1… The routine is basically 20 min in the cross trainer, trying to beat our own marks every week, and then some exercises in the straps (similar to weight lifting but you basically use your own weight) to tone our muscles and some crunches. He advise us to do that for a month and see how it goes, then book another consultation to improve the training.

So this is our first goal. We also have a wedding to attend on the 8th of October, so that will be our first goal. Gary is happy with the routine, however, I prefer the classes, so I am going to do the routine twice a week and go to classes 3 days a week. I’ll start with yoga, body pump and steps, but I aim to be able to attend a spinning or a zumba class next month!! The hard thing is going to be getting up at 6am to go to the gym before work! Although it’s the best time, so it leaves you with the evenings free.

We’ve done so far:
Thais: 1,21 Km in 20 min the cross trainer (175 calories burnt)
Gary: 1,01 Km in 20 min in the cross trainer (145 calories burnt)

So let’s see how it goes!! Keep it going!! 😀



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