Back on Track…

And after a month of holidays in the US and France, with amazing new food to try… couldn’t stick to the diet, actually, didn’t even care! I new I was going to put the weight back but… so worth it! 😉

So here I am, back on track! This time seriously as I have a better goal… I’m getting married! 😀 Yes, Gary proposed on the 23rd of July, just a week before going on holidays, in a hawaian themed bbq party we hosted at home with all our closest friends. It was so beautiful… He built a beach, with real sand! with flowers on top and oil candles, even with a painted palm in the background! We had been chatting around for a couple of hours when suddenly, he took my hand, left my drink in the table and asked me to follow him… I started panicking and trembling when he started saying that he knew I wanted to get married in a beach… and then he took me to the beach he had built that morning under a gazebo (as the rain was threatening to spoil the party…) and went on his knee… We were surrounded by all our friends but in that precise moment it felt like we were on our own… nothing else mattered… then he said… ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? 😀 in that cute voice he does when he speaks Spanish! I said yes, of course! and kissed him and hugged him, then I realised we were the centre of attention and everyone was looking so I felt embarrassed, but I was so happy… 😀 he took a beautiful ring with a diamond off the box and slide it into my left anular finger. Perfect fit! and then everybody congratulated us and we enjoyed a fantastic bbq and even a “swim” in the pool at about 12 degrees of temperature!

And then we went to Florida, were we had an amazing 2 week holiday and despite walking miles a day in the Disney Parks and sweating like dogs in a 35 degrees sultry summer we put on 6lb each… Food was good! 😉

And the cherry on the icing was… Paris! Long weekend, aso walking miles a day (Seriously, I feel my legs tonned and I honestly think the 2lb I’ve put on are pure muscle!) I’m not jocking…

So here we are again, Gary and I starting Weight Watchers seriously again and joingin a gym this time! 😉

We’ll keep you updated and will be posting new recipes!

And now… my first goal… fit in one of these dresses’ size 14!!! 😉


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