What is Weight Watchers?

I’ve just realised that I’ve been talking about Weight Watchers and it might actually be people who don’t know anything about it, so I’m going to explain how it works.

Weight watchers is based in adopting a healthy lifestyle without even realising.

Every person has a certain amount of points that need to be spent daily (they vary according to the gender, height, weight and age). The minimum is 29 points for everyone and no one can eat less than 26 points a day. I am allowed 33 points a day at the moment. This points need to be spent. You can save a maximum of 3 points and they can’t be carried over, so if you don’t spend them you lose them.

Apart from the daily points, everyone has 49 weekly points that can be spent as you like. You can spend them all in one day in a super extra meal, bbq or party or just spread them over the week and have some extra points a day. This points don’t need to be spent, so if you wish not to use them they don’t need to be used.

So every food or meal has a certain amount of points that depend on the protein/carbs/fat/fibre of the food. The points can be checked in a list or calculated with the Online Weight Watchers calculater, just by looking at the composition of every food you buy at the supermarket. There is also a really useful iPhone app for this ;).

So explained the basics, it is now easier to understand why trying to avoid carbs or find alternatives, as they have lots of points, and trying to eat vegetebles and fruit as they are 0 points.

Also exercise gives you extra points. 20 min running or 60 min walk give you 3 extra points.

Hope we are all doing well, enjoy the summer (if you have “summer” in your country unlike here in the UK) and look forward to your holidays as much as I do!!


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