Gary – The Gadget Loving Foodie

Gary & Thais in Barcelona

It will no longer just be Thais blogging on here, you now get to enjoy the rambling anecdotes of me, Gary the gadget loving foodie. I will leave the Spanish cooking to Thais (apart from my Paella which is amazing) but will come up with my own occasional culinary masterpiece.

This will be my first post of many on here. I am Thais’ boyfriend Gary and we are doing weight watchers together. I am a gadget man plain and simple, if it’s new and shiny I probably have it or want it. This gadget obsession extends to the kitchen where anything with a plug is necessary for any and all cooking tasks. That along with at least 10 pans!!

I think my favourite gadget in the kitchen is my Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by Krups XN710641 Coffee Machine, Fire Engine Redwhich was a present from Thais. I use it everyday and my favourite coffe in Indrya.

Thais hates it when I cook because of the amount of washing up I generate. My love of gadgets is only eclipsed by my love for food, which is how we got to January’s problem. I was 19 stone and lucky I am 6 foot 3 so it doesn’t show as much as it could, both me and Thais agreed that we must start to cook more and weigh less. 6 month on and I am now 17 stone 8 pound, that’s almost 1.5 stone. I am so happy with this but know I can do more and hope that blogging about it will help me focus on being healthy.


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