Back on Track…

I went on holidays just before Easter and forgot about everything…. diet, blog, exercise, etc… Terrible! I know…

Well, now that university finished until October and I am more than ever looking forward to my holidays in Florida on the 28th of July… I’m back in track! 😉

The only problem about this weight loss program is that you need to have self discipline to count all the points and don’t loose the motivation. Tracking is essential and if you get confident enough to think you don’t need to track anymore because you kind of know roughly what you can and can’t eat every day, you risk loosing confidence and starting to get bad habits again. And that’s what happened to me just before going on holidays a week before Easter.

Summarising, I have gain some of the weight lost and I am now 13st 10lb again… But I am willing to get back on track and loose at least 10lb before my holidays starting on the 28th of July.

My weight day now is on Saturday. I have realised it’s the best to track your weight if you are of the kind that like spending your weekly points during the weekend. I usually spend some of all of my weeklys during the weekend and stick to my 30 daily points during the week, so I don’t risk being heavier on Saturday morning because I had a big meal the night before. It is just psychological, as the weight loss reflects the next week if something mad you weigh more this week, but it’s kind of motivating.

I have now moved in with my boyfriend and live in a big Victorian house with 5 more people. It’s now easier as we cook lunch and dinners together, do the shopping every week and motivate each other. I am also running 2-3 times a week after work and it’s easier because I only live 20 min far from the office, as opposed to the 1,5hours far from the office I used to live before.

Although there is disadvantage and it’s that one of my new flatmates loves baking and she’s not willing to substitute sugar for sweetener or try to make low fat baking. I am though! Trying to find the way to make a cake or biscuits without flour and/or butter… Will let you know if I do!

See you next week then!

Thanks for reading 😀



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