1st week after coming back

A week after coming back… can’t complaint… Lost a pound so far…

There a few key facts to success in this diet:

– Cooking. If you don’t like cooking this is not for you.

– Tracking. It takes time, but if you don’t track you’ll loose count of what you are eating and will end up over eating.

– Exercise.

– Learn to nibble healthy. I’ve discoverd a yogurt with some Special K cereal and strawberries it’s filling and so yummy!

– Reward yourself with something that is not food. New clothes for example?

– Message boards in the website are great, as you can share your concerns and don’t feel alone.

I have done exercise twice this week and lost count of the points a couple of days so I’m not surprised with the fact that I’ve just lost a pound…

6 weeks to go for my Florida holidays, and 9lb to loose…

See you next week!



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