My first 2 months on Weight Watchers

After years of losing and gaining weight I decided to try Weight Watchers. I had heard of it before but thought it was another ‘miracle’ method like the thousands you can find out there, so never went to check or find out. However, when my flatmate Victoria moved in she joined again as she found out there was a meeting just next to our house…

She explained how it works and thought to give it a try, after all… it wasn’t so expensive absolutely worth it if it actually works so… I decided to join. I started going to the meetings, however, never had the time to stay after getting weighted as I am quite busy with work and studies, and had several things going on and then Christmas came, so decided to make a fresh start after new year.

And so I did it. This time joining Weight Watchers online. And… it’s working at the moment!! 😀
I have lost 12lb so far, however, as I joined for the first time in October last year and I weighted less than when I rejoined after Christmas, even though I’ve achieved my 5% goal weight it wouldn’t recognise it because it’s not 5% of the weight I was the first time I joined. That’s a bit annoying…


Another motivation (huge motivation actually) is that my boyfriend decided to join as well, so it’s so much easier as we cook together several times a week and we count the points of everything. We support each other and encourage each other. (Even though he’s got almost double points allowance than me… which is a bit frustrating some times but I understand he’s a big guy…) Overall it is very helpful and encouraging as we both care about what we eat now and the exercise we do.


Up to now I haven’t done much exercise. I know it’s essential and very important, not only to lose weight faster but also to make your skin more firm after losing weight. However, 3 weeks ago I started to walk to the tube station (Mile End at 15 min walk when I don’t have much time such as mornings or Bethnal Green at 25 min walk when I do have more time). I try to walk fast and I have actually noticed it physically (didn’t use to do any exercise at all and I work in front of a computer) and in the weight loss. I have also joined yoga and pilates classes, so I will be doing extra exercise twice per week from next week.


So far I’ve learnt to cook in a healthier way (I come from Spain, where most of the traditional meals are fried), to count points for every meal and to organise myself so I can have a treat from time to time. Some weeks I have a big meal on the weekend, other weeks I just spend my weekly points adding a few extra points every day… It is compatible with social life (as you can use your weekly points for a night out) although you have to be careful. It is a lifestyle change. If I can change my lifestyle and adopt these habits for the rest of my life I shouldn’t be gaining any weight back… I am also eating much more fruit as it’s an excellent way of filling you up or just stay away from any other food until dinner time for no extra points.


The only problem is time. It obviously takes time to cook (ready meals are small and not that tasty, so when I don’t cook I don’t feel that well, I feel the way you usually do when you are on diet, I feel everything is forbidden and can’t buy whatever I feel like eating at that moment…), shop carefully and almost every day (fruit and vegetables need to be bought frequently) and doing exercise. Luckily I enjoy cooking! 😉


The good thing is that the site offers a big range of recipes, which I like trying at least a couple of days a week. I also like the community section, where people can exchange their views and have questions answered in a few minutes or a few hours. It’s awesome!.

It is by far the best Weight loss program I’ve ever tried, so hope it’s the definite one!

And the best thing… The iPhone app!! awesome! You can track everything you eat on the go!


I am now 13 st 4.2lb. I was 13st 10lb when I first joined last October and I was 14st 2lb when I joined after Christmas, so I’ve lost 12lb since I joined after Christmas and almost 6lb since I first joined in October. I feel the weight loss is a bit slow but as long as I don’t gain any weight (up to now I’ve lost weight every week) I am happy.
I also mesure myself every week and I’ve noticed from 2 to 3 cm loss so far… 😀

Today is my weight day (every Sunday morning) and I intend to update this blog diary every Sunday to express my feelings during the week.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your weight loss if you are on a diet as well! We’ll make it together!

Please leave any comments you have. I promise to answer! ;))


PS: By the way, bought this set of scales and it’s really nice! It has memory so you can save your details such as age and height and it calculates your body muscle, water and fat every time you weigh yourself. It is very light so it can be carried anywhere (let’s say you are going to spend the weekend at your mum’s and your weight day is Sunday morning! ;)) Totally recommended!


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